Commercial Platinum Plus

Exclusive Coverage for Flight Schools and Charter Operations

Aerospace Insurance Managers  introduces our Commercial Platinum Plus program, an innovative program tailored for special needs of small to medium -sized flight schools and charter operations. 

The program includes:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Priority Claims handling and service
  • General Liability Coverage discounts       for airport operations
  • Increased flexibility for pilot requirements
  • Expanded coverage for the commercial use of Light Sport Aircraft

Expanded Coverage includes:

  • Loss of use of Damaged/Destroyed Aircraft coverage
  • Emergency Landing Expenses coverage
  • Spare Parts coverage
  • Deductible Waiver
  • Search and Rescue Expenses coverage
  • Expanded Coverage for Repairs Performed by You
  • Coverage for Defense of Claims Alleging Negligent Instruction
  • Non-ownership Liability Coverage, including coverage for damage to Non-owned Aircraft
  • Damage to Baggage and Aviation Personal Effects coverage
  • Unearned Premium Insurance for Destroyed Aircraft


Eligible Aircraft Operations:

  • Flight Schools
  • Part 135 Charter/Air Taxi
  • Aerial Survey/Photo/Patrol

Non-Eligible Aircraft Operations:

  • Aerial Advertising
  • Animal Herding
  • Predator or Wildlife Control/Capture
  • Offshore Operations


Certain expanded coverage terms and program eligibility criteria are subject to specific conditions, restrictions and limitations. Please consult us for complete details on these highlights, criteria, restrictions or limitations.  Higher coverage limits available for qualified accounts based upon current underwriting criteria.

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